11th Grade English
                   4th Quarter
          House on Mango Street

Each Chapter in Quotation Book:
--Detailed Explanation
--Answer/response to question
Reading Pace:
End of week 4-19-13  
     Chanclas (19)
End of week 4-26-13
     Papaya Juice on Tuesday's (31)
End of Week 5-3-13
     Linoleum Roses (40)
End of week 5-10-13
     Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes (44)
        (Last Chapter)
--3 Typed Vignettes A-days due: 4-22-13
                            B-days due: 4-23-13
 1--Physical Trait
 2--Residence (Outside)
 3--Living Quarters (Inside
Vignette Writing instructions

Elements of Writing 

Student Vignette Examples 

Houses Worksheet (This is to help with residence Vignette and this will be turned in)

 Two more Vignettes:
#4) An impactful moment from your life
#5) An impactful person from your life
                 A-Days: 5-2-13
                 B-days: 5-3-13
 Final Vignette
#6) Your entire Junior year of highschool--A reflection of what you learned.
2 0f each Element of Writing MUST BE USED AND IDENTIFIED (total of 14).
Final Portfolio Check Week of 5-20-2013
--8 Total Essays. English is 1-6 Vignettes-

4th Quarter Novel Presentation 
Novel Presentation Inscructions and due date

CRT TESTING May 14-May21

Final House on Mango Street Map LINK

Map Due by Friday May 25, 2013

Mr. Matich